How to Disappear Completely

A young girl from the countryside dreams of escaping from her religious mother and her alcoholic father. She puts on the stage a play based on an old Filipino film, telling the story of a family who disappears in the mountains during the war, but finally her desire to vanish really comes true... A dark story of a symbolic trip for an experimental movie rich in sound and visual effects.

  • Philippines
  • 2013, 80MIN, Fiction
  • DIRECTOR: Raya Martin
  • CAMERA: J.A. Tadena, Albert Banzon, Maisa Demetillo
  • EDITOR: Lawrence S. Ang
  • SCRIPT: Raya Martin
  • SOUND: Corinne De San Jose
  • ACTORS: Ness Roque, Shamaine Buencamino, Noni Buencamino

18.09. - 18:00 Bio Oko

Raya Martin

Raya Martin

Raya Martin is a writer and filmmaker; he studied cinema at the University of Diliman. Director of Independencia (2009), Autohystoria (2007) and Next Attraction (2008), he was the first Philippian ever selected for the 11th edition of the Cinéfoundation in Cannes.


Armi Rae Cacanindin

Manila, Philippines