A proletarian winter's tale

Three young Georgians have to clean a castle in Berlin, where a German arms manufacturer’s art collection is being set up for an exhibition. Of course, the proletariat isn’t welcome at the opening party… This symbolic tale with a scent of brechtian attitude is surprisingly mature to pose questions about contemporary world, class struggle, neoconservatism and the discreditation of leftist ideas. This film is simple, yet playful, funny and full of unexpected moments.

  • Germany
  • 2014, 63MIN, Fiction
  • DIRECTOR: Julian Radlmaier
  • CAMERA: Markus Koob
  • EDITOR: Julian Radlmaier
  • SCRIPT: Julian Radlmaier
  • SOUND: Stephan Franz
  • ACTORS: Natia Bakhtadze, Sandro Koberidze, Ilia Korkashvili, Lars Rudolph

19.09. - 17:00 Bio Oko

Julian Radlmaier

Julian Radlmaier

A graduate of film theory and art history studies in Berlin and in Paris, Julian Radlmaier was the personal assistant to Werner Schroeter and translated and edited film-theoretical writings by the French philosopher Jacques Rancière. Currently, he has been studying directing at the DFFB (German Film and Television Academy) in Berlin. A Spectre Is Haunting Europe was screened and awarded in Oberhausen and Venice. A Proletarian Winter´s Tale is his first feature.


Deutsche Film- und Fernsehakademie Berlin (DFFB)
Potsdamer Strasse 2
10785 Berlin, Germany