Concrete Night

Directed by Finnish filmmaker Pirjo Honkasalo, Concrete Night is the story of a 14-year-old boy, Simo, in search of his own identity: roaming around a chaotic Helsinky with his older brother Ikka, just the day before he starts his prison sentence, the vulnerable Simo runs into some brutal incidents that will help him to finally find himself. Based on the novel by Pirkko Saisio, Concrete Night is an impressive black-and-white tale of a teenager's loss of innocence.

  • Finland
  • 2013, 96MIN, Fiction
  • DIRECTOR: Pirjo Honkasalo
  • CAMERA: Peter Flinckenberg
  • EDITOR: Niels Pagh Andersen
  • SCRIPT: Pirjo Honkasalo, Pirkko Saisio
  • SOUND: Jan Alvemark
  • ACTORS: Johannes Brotherus, Anneli Karppinen, Jari Virman, Juhan Ulfsak

20.09. - 21:00 Svetozor - Small Hall

Pirjo Honkasalo

Pirjo Honkasalo

Pirjo Honkasalo is an award-winnig highly established director, cinematographer and screenwriter. She directed several feature films in the 1970’s and 80’s together with Pekka Lehto, e.g. Flame Top (1980). In the 1990’s she continued alone and turned to feature documentaries, directing the prize winning The Trilogy of the Sacred and the Satanic. She has also made the stunningly beautiful The 3 Rooms of Melancholia (2004) about the Chechen War. The film is still one of the most award winning feature documentaries ever. She has acted as a member of several international juries and is actively giving international master classes. She is also Finland's first female cinematographer to shoot a feature film. With her film Concrete Night she is back to feature fiction again.


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