Adverse Effects

Daniel is a typical representative of people in their thirties who are aimlessly stuck in their middle-management positions. Defeated by his corporate existence, he starts solving his depressions by medicaments which, however, distort the world around him into hallucinations that make the situations he has to face even worse. Daniel´s attempt to escape the depressive life thus becomes his hell which is captured by the film via suggestively made sequences blurring the line between the reality and a bizarre grotesque.

  • Mexico
  • 2011, 74MIN, Fiction
  • DIRECTOR: David Michán
  • CAMERA: Damián Aguilar
  • EDITOR: David Michán, Rodrigo Ríos
  • SCRIPT: David Michán
  • SOUND: Galo Durán
  • ACTORS: Hector Kotsifakis, Shakti Urrutía

24.08. - 18:00 Akropolis Palace
27.08. - 13:30 Cinema Svetozor

David Michán

David Michán

David Michán, the Mexican-born director started his career as a production and direction assistant making commercials, musicvideos and films in Los Angeles. Later he returned to Mexico and studied directing. He wrote and directed five shorts including Mexican Dream which was presented at a number of international festivals. Reacciones Adversas is his first feature film.


El CCC | Centro de Capacitación Cinematográfica, A.C.
Calz de Tlalpan 1670 Col Country Club
04220 Mexico, Mexico