New York, March 2003. Thirty-two-year-old Jonathan finds out that his mentally ill mother has overdosed on lithium. After five years, he returns in the company of his boyfriend to the places where he grew up in the suburbs of Houston, Texas. This autobiographical feverish dream is made up of documentary excerpts, staged sequences, home videos, photographs, answerphone messages etc. Through a psychedelic dramatisation of a life of trauma, Jonathan tries to come to terms with the wrong done to his mother, who was needlessly subjected to more than 200 electric shock treatments.

  • USA
  • 2003, 88MIN, Doc.
  • DIRECTOR: Jonathan Caouette
  • CAMERA: Jonathan Caouette
  • EDITOR: Jonathan Caouette
  • SCRIPT: Jonathan Caouette
  • SOUND: Jonathan Caouette
  • ACTORS: Renee Leblanc, Jonathan Caouette

19.09. - 20:30 Svetozor - Small Hall

Jonathan Caouette

Jonathan Caouette

Jonathan Caouette is author of short films The Ankle Slasher (1987), The Techniques and Science of Eva (1988), Pig Nymph (1990), The Hospital (2001), and Fame (2002). As a regional theatre actor, Caouette has appeared in several shows. He has toured with the European company of The Rocky Horror Show, and has appeared in commercials, MTV spots, and student films.


Jonathan Caouette

New York, USA