Brave New World

New technologies, new possibilities, audiovisuality slowly but surely taking control of the world and our communication. It documents, comments and redefines the world around us, creates new patterns of recording, imagination and perception, offers endless variations. Film is no longer just for the chosen ones. The availability of film poses a great challenge, unsettles the mind, urges to create and at the same time offers space for inflation, consolation and joy of comfortable and fleeting consumerism. This obvious revolution came with new digital media and cameras. The theme of this year’s Fresh Film Fest tries to define and examine the turning point between film material and impalpable codes. How did modern technology, new media and visual effects change film, cinema, film language, narration and society? As in the last years we would like to use this year’s Fresh Film Fest to introduce to the public a filmmaker who works outside the boundaries of mainstream but whose work had and still has a significant influence on a number of renowned colleagues. This year we have chosen the American director James Benning.