Two nineteen-year-old boys outgrow their birthplace and don’t know what to do. The daughter of a local celebrity, Anna, suddenly enters their lives and brings mystery, suspense and desire. Seemingly boring and settled town slowly reveals its dark side. Places is a new project by the makers of Walking too fast - Film of the Year 2010. The film is set in the 90’s in a small one-horse town where nothing and everything is possible. A drama about love, loss and vengeance.

  • Czech Republic
  • 2014, 108MIN, Fiction
  • DIRECTOR: Radim Špaček
  • CAMERA: Jaromír Kačer
  • EDITOR: Jana Vlčková
  • SCRIPT: Ondřej Štindl
  • SOUND: Marek Hart, Viktor Prášil
  • ACTORS: Vladimír Polívka, Johana Matoušková, Jan Cina, Jiří Štrébl, Robert Nebřenský

20.09. - 18:30 Svetozor - Small Hall

Radim Špaček

Radim Špaček

Radim Špaček began his career as a child actor and after the conservatory he began studying directing at the Film and TV School of the Academy of Performing Arts Prague. After a year he went to Sarajevo to shoot his feature debut Young Men Discovering the World (Mladí muži poznávají svět, 1996). After his graduation film Rapid Eye Movement (Rychlé pohyby očí, 1998) he directed several documents, projects for the Czech Television, and TV series. His film Walking too Fast (Pouta, 2009) has won five Czech Film Critics’ Awards and the same number of Czech Lion Awards. He is the co-founder and the creative director of the Prague Indian Film Festival.


Národní 60/28
111 21 Praha 1, Czech Republic