Totally talking

Totally Talking depicts six months in the life of 25-year-old Štěpán Procházka. A chronic university drop-out dumped by his girlfriend yet again, currently unemployed and leaving Prague. Not knowing what to do, he decides to go to a cottage in the countryside with his friends. He happens to end up in a small town called Sedmihoří where he takes a job as a call-centre operator. But then he suddenly hears the mysterious voice of Miss Marie... First feature film by the director Tomáš Pavlíček portrays the worries of young generation. Where to go when there are so many possibilities?

  • Czech Republic
  • 2014, 74MIN, Fiction
  • DIRECTOR: Tomáš Pavlíček
  • CAMERA: Ladislav Moulis ml.
  • EDITOR: Črt Brajnik
  • SCRIPT: Tomáš Pavlíček
  • SOUND: Martin Tauber
  • ACTORS: Vít Rohr, Jenovéfa Boková, Jana Krausová, Václav Vydra

20.09. - 16:30 Svetozor - Small Hall

Tomáš Pavlíček

Tomáš Pavlíček

Tomáš Pavlíček (1988, Czechoslovakia) is finishing his studies of directing at FAMU in Prague. His student films (among others The Gas Station, 2009; Departure: On Time, 2010; The Fastest Matthew in the World, 2011) were presented at Czech and foreign festivals. He also participated on the student film Prague, My Love (2012). Totally Talking is his first feature film.


MasterFilm, s.r.o., FAMU, Česká televize
Bubenská 1
170 00 Praha 7, Czech Republic