Tarr Béla, I Used to Be a Filmmaker

Tarr Béla: I Used To Be A Filmmaker is a behind-the-scenes documentary about the making of The Turin Horse, the final film by Béla Tarr: Lamoure observed the Hungarian director and his crew at work on the set, showing how accurately some of the most impressive scenes of the film have been shot, and going deep into the cozy intimacy of Tarr's “cinema family”. A bright, unmissable documentary portrait of one of the greatest filmmaker s of our time.

  • France
  • 2013, 88MIN, Doc.
  • DIRECTOR: Jean-Marc Lamoure
  • CAMERA: Jean-Marc Lamoure, Frederic Lombard
  • EDITOR: Nadia Ben Rachid
  • SCRIPT: Jean-Marc Lamoure
  • ACTORS: Béla Tarr, Kata Czigler, János Derzsi, JSzabolcs Galgoczy, Agnes Hranitzky, Mihály Vig a další / and others

21.09. - 18:00 Svetozor - Small Hall

Jean-Marc Lamoure

Jean-Marc Lamoure

Jean-Marc Lamoure worked in East Africa as visual anthropologist and directed his first documentary Chaalo, les voix du deuil (2004) with Thomas Osmond. He made the concert documentary Farenji and worked as director of the photography for different projects. In Marseille he's a set designer for theatrical, musical and dancing shows.


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