12 O'Clock Boys

Pug, a thirteen-year-old boy living on a dangerous Westside block of Baltimore, has one goal in mind: to join the 12 O'Clock Boys -- the notorious urban dirt-bike group. Shot over three years with unprecedented intimacy, the film provides an impressive look into a subculture through the eyes of one of its greatest devotees. A dynamic digitally filmed documentary, 12 O’clock Boys employs both poetic slow-motion shots of riders in action and ultra highspeed photography making for a special quality.

  • USA
  • 2013, 76MIN, Doc.
  • DIRECTOR: Lotfy Nathan
  • CAMERA: Lotfy Nathan
  • EDITOR: Thomas Niles
  • SCRIPT: Lotfy Nathan
  • SOUND: Perry Levy
  • ACTORS: Coco, Pug, Steven

20.09. - 20:30 Bio Oko

Lotfy Nathan

Lotfy Nathan

Lofty Nathan studied painting at the Maryland Institute College of Art in Baltimore. He started to shoot 12 O'Clock Boys as a school project for the class of documentary films in 2009 but later decided that the topic deserved a more thorough approach. Thanks to his patience, a successful debut was completed and made it to the list of 20 best documentaries of 2013.


Red Gap Film Group
2239 Kirk Avenue
21218 Baltimore, USA