Exhibit A

Exhibit A is the story of an apparently normal and happy Brithish family seen through the lens of a camera, a birthday gift for a teenage daughter, Judith: but when her father Andy finally reveals he's bankrupt, her family starts breaking apart under financial pressure, until desperation and worries drive them all to terrible consequences. Winner of the Raindance Film Festival, Dom Rotheroe's found-footage film stages a scary escalation from innocence to hopeless insanity.

  • United Kingdom
  • 2007, 85MIN, Fiction
  • DIRECTOR: Dom Rotheroe
  • CAMERA: Rob Hardy
  • EDITOR: David Charap
  • SCRIPT: Dom Rotheroe, Darren Bender
  • SOUND: David Mitchell

19.09. - 17:00 Svetozor - Big Hall

Dom Rotheroe

Dom Rotheroe

Dom Rotheroe (1964, UK) is an English documentarist and filmmaker. He directed the TV movie documentaries A Sarajevo Diary (1993) and The Coconut Revolution (2000). His feature film Exhibit A won the Jury Prize at Raindance Festival in 2007.


Poles Lane
SG12 0SG Hertfordshire, United Kingdom