A Child afraid to go out of his home confronts his fear by using a marionette doll which his father builds for him, the child controls it from the rooftop of their building and by doing so is able to get over his fears of going out.

  • Israel
  • 2013, 8MIN, Anim.
  • DIRECTOR: Amir Porat, Assaf Karass
  • EDITOR: Amir Porat, Assaf Karass
  • SCRIPT: Amir Porat, Assaf Karass

18.09. - 16:30 Svetozor - Small Hall

Amir Porat, Assaf Karass

Amir Porat, Assaf Karass

Amir Porat (1986, Israel) After working in the animation field for six years, he decided to study animation at Bezalel. He co-created Marionette with Assaf Karass in their final year of animation studies at Bezalel Academy of the Arts and Design Jerusalem. Assaf Karass (1984) worked as a tattoo artist and decided to develop his skills in design and illustration and widen his expertise in the field of visual arts.


Bezalel Academy of Art and Design, Animation Unit
Mount Scopus P.O.Box 24046
91240 Jerusalem, Israel