The Pakistan Four

The Pakistan Four conveys the stories of 4 path-breaking Pakistani Muslim women based in the United States: Pakistan’s first female saber fencer, the first international female weightlifter, the aspiring female chef to win Chopped at the Food Network and the first stand-up comedian and actor. Parallel narratives build up to one major event in their lives, with all four embodying the same goal in mind – to redefine what it means to be a Pakistani Muslim woman.

  • Pakistan
  • 2014, 37MIN, Doc.
  • DIRECTOR: Shehzad Hameed Ahmad
  • CAMERA: Shehzad Hameed Ahmad
  • EDITOR: Shehzad Hameed Ahmad
  • SCRIPT: Shehzad Hameed Ahmad
  • ACTORS: Hareem Ahmed, Nadia Manzoor, Fatima Ali, Kulsoom Abdullah

18.09. - 16:00 Svetozor - Big Hall

Shehzad Hameed Ahmad

Shehzad Hameed Ahmad

Documentary director Shehzad Hameed Ahmad has conducted extensive trainings for writers, reporters and journalists across Pakistan and in NY and aims to pursue an international career in long-form narrative journalism with a focus on South Asia and America. The Pakistan Four is his first independent documentary.


New York University Arthur L. Carter Journalism Institute
20 Cooper Square Sixth Floor New York, N.Y. 10003
10003 New York City, USA