Above, burning the sun

Vast regions of north-western Argentina and an endless palette with its colours, customs, people, cultures and weather is an ideal setting for the journey of a twenty-year-old girl Juan. She is trying to find places and people portrayed in photographs she carries with her. A thin line between document and fiction, music and ambient and passion for travelling and filming. A collective film poem depicting a journey to one’s roots and portraying rather emotions than actions.

  • Argentina
  • 2013, 75MIN, Fiction
  • DIRECTOR: Roberto Bernasconi, Luisina Anderson
  • CAMERA: Franco Palazzo, Alejandro Magneres
  • EDITOR: Pablo Rabe
  • SCRIPT: Luisina Anderson, Roberto Bernasconi, Franco Palazzo
  • SOUND: Ramiro Díaz Agüero
  • ACTORS: Juana Solassi,Roberto Bernasconi

19.09. - 16:30 Cinema 35
21.09. - 17:00 Bio Oko

Roberto Bernasconi, Luisina Anderson

Roberto Bernasconi, Luisina Anderson

Luisina Anderson is a university professor. She has participated in several independent projects (Úteros: una mirada sobre Elsa Pavón, Al cielo) as cinematographer, slides operator and writer. Above, burning the sun is her first feature film as a director. Roberto Bernasconi attended La Plata’s film school. He took part in several films in the cinematographer crew. In 2013 he decided to make his debut as a director and writer next to Luisina Anderson with the film Above, burning the sun.


Facultad de Bellas Artes
680 Diagonal 78 street
1900 La Plata, Argentina