The Art of Pho

The Art of Pho is a motion comic by Submarine Channel based on the graphic novel by Julian Hanshaw. It's a moving and surreal story about a loveable creature named Little Blue and his friends. Story about friendship, love and discovering your roots. This screening will be completed with a selection of the most interesting animated films from the Submarine Channel.

  • Netherlands
  • 2011, 73MIN, Anim.
  • DIRECTOR: Julian Hanshaw, Lois van Baarle
  • EDITOR: Yvonne Brouwers, Tom van der Heiden, Tim Jongmans
  • SCRIPT: Julian Hanshaw
  • SOUND: Niels Hahn, Matteo Taheri

31.08. - 18:00 Cinema 35

Julian Hanshaw, Lois van Baarle

After three years at the NFTS, where his animation ‘The Church of High Weirdness’ won a prestigious Golden Reel Award, Julian Hanshaw worked as an animator and animation director on double BAFTA-award winning projects such as Charlie & Lola and Yoko! Jakamoko! Toto! After 12 years in the animation industry, Hanshaw returned to his first love, comics. With his short story ‘Sand Dunes and Sonic Booms’ he won the 2008 Observer/Cape Graphic Short Story Prize. Two years later he published his first graphic novel, The Art of Pho. Lois van Baarle was born with a pencil in her hand, she only recently developed a preference for digital art and animation. After high school, Van Baarle studied animation and pursued art as a career. Following a one-year study in Ghent (Belgium) Van Baarle attained her European Media Master of Arts title from The Utrecht School of the Arts (HKU) in 2009. Her graduation film, the breathtaking animated short Trichrome Blue, went viral. Van Baarle lives and works in Utrecht (NL).


Submarine / SubmarineChannel
Rapenburgerstraat 109
1011 VL Amsterdam, Netherlands