Young Man Falling

17-year-old Hue is living on the fringe of a true perception of reality. Cars pursue him, while a world full of rules and systems asks for his attention. How can he concentrate on his preparations for his French exam when the stuffed animals in his room begin to interfere? And what about Irene who disturbs with her invitations? Young Man Falling is an experimental film with a captivating visual style.

  • Denmark
  • 2007, 45MIN, Fiction
  • DIRECTOR: Martin de Thurah
  • CAMERA: Kasper Tuxen
  • EDITOR: Peter Brandt
  • SCRIPT: Rune Schjøtt
  • SOUND: Rune Palving
  • ACTORS: Ida Dwinger, Henrik Prip, Malou Reymann, Anders Sund, Morten Suurballe

29.08. - 18:00 Světozor - Small Hall

Martin de Thurah


Tju-Bang Film

, Denmark