The Still Life

A family’s peaceful life suddenly turns upside down. A shocking revelation of the father’s long concealed obsession disrupts fragile texture of relationships and everybody has to deal with the new situation somehow. This intimate drama, made with an unobtrusive, modest camera focuses not only on questions of morals, conscience and guilt, but also on the limits of what can be tolerated and what cannot. There are no condemnations, but no forgiveness either. The story is underlined with brilliant, convincing acting and perceptive direction.

  • Austria
  • 2012, 78MIN, Drama
  • DIRECTOR: Sebastian Meise, Thomas Reider
  • CAMERA: Klemens Hufnagl
  • EDITOR: Joana Scrinzi Sebastian Meise
  • SCRIPT: Sebastian Meise, Thomas Reider
  • SOUND: Stefan Rosensprung, Sebastian Meise, Thomas Reider

31.08. - 16:30 Cinema Svetozor

Sebastian Meise, Thomas Reider


FreibeuterFilm KG
Kellermanngasse 1-3/1/6
1070 Vienna, Austria