Memento mori

In a mourning ceremony the photographer takes a picture of a little girl. With contrite faces, the attendees leave the room filled with flowers. Little by little we approach the girl and recoup her memories and the universe of death. Through dance and music we perceive the story of a little girl and her tragedy.

  • Belgium
  • 2012, 9MIN, Anim.
  • DIRECTOR: Daniela Wayllace
  • EDITOR: Alejandra Aguilar C
  • SCRIPT: Daniela Wayllace
  • SOUND: Déborah Dourneau

30.08. - 19:00 Cinema 35
01.09. - 15:00 Světozor - Small Hall

Daniela Wayllace

Daniela Wayllace

Daniela Wayllace (b. 1979) is a multidisciplinary artist. She studied painting and etching at Major University of San Andrés (UMSA) in Bolivia, later, in 2006 she came to study animation in Belgium. Her work is diverse embracing animation, drawing and etching. Memento Mori is her graduation film at ENSAV La Cambre, Brussels, and it is inspired by human rights and the violence and rape against children.


ENSAV La Cambre (école Nationale Supérieure des Arts Visuels La Cambre)
ave. Franklin Roosevelt 27
1050 Brussels, Belgium