Signalbox #100

In a clearing, in the middle of a thick forest a man lives alone in a small signal box. He is a Stationmaster of sorts. He logs each predetermined train that crosses between the border of two unidentified territories. He doesn't know what is on the trains or their final destinations. Living on packages of food and essential items sent from an unknown authority, the Stationmaster's equilibrium is broken when a package he receives is without its usual contents. This unexpected intrusion leads him to question his role in this sinister train line.

  • United Kingdom
  • 2012, 10MIN, Fiction
  • DIRECTOR: James Gunn
  • CAMERA: Anni Schmalz
  • EDITOR: Daniel Koutur
  • SCRIPT: James Gunn
  • SOUND: Mary Marcher
  • ACTORS: James Sutherland

30.08. - 17:00 Cinema Svetozor
31.08. - 17:30 Světozor - Small Hall

James Gunn

James Gunn

James Gunn studied fine art at Cheltenham. Currently living in London, James gained a first class honours degree from the London College of Communication (UAL). James has worked across a range of cinematic disciplines on a number of productions from shorts to features, recently working on upcoming British features such as Welcome to the Punch, Great Expectations and Closed Circuit in the props and art Department.


London College of Communication
Elephant and Castle
SE1 6SB London, United Kingdom