Vladimir 518 – XB1

August 25 - 29 Palac Akropolis

Vladimir 518 (1978), real name Vladimír Brož, is a rapper, graffiti writer, illustrator, comic book artist, set designer, graphic designer and member of PSH (Peneři strýčka Homeboye). In 2008, he recorded the Andel award-winning solo album Gorila vs. Architect. He is the founder and force behind the Bigg Boss label that focuses on Czech hip hop. He participated in the making of the “graffiti sketchbook” 2666: Praha Odyssey (Big Boss and Labyrint, 2006). In 2007, curator Tomas Prokupek included his works in the exhibition of comic book art Generation 0. He is the co-author of audiovisual show SPAM - Karel Gott Prager (2009). He has designed 3 sets for theater group TOW.