The Allianz Audience Award

Vote for your favorite competition film and win Fresh Gifts.

Ballots will be distributed after each competitive film screenings. Choose up to three films from the relevant program, fill out your contact information and drop the ballotinto the box. The Allianz Audience Award will be presented at theofficial closing ceremony on September 21st.)

The ten winners will be selected in a random draw and contacted by the festival organizers.

Tickets and festival passes

Ticket prices range between 50 CZK and 100 CZK and will be on sale at all festival places along with the Festival passes for 350 CZK and 500 CZK. You may find the festival center in French Institute, Stepanska 35, Praha 2.

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We recommend some interesting accomodation for you near the Festival's venues. As the festival is held at the tourist peak season, please book your preffered accomodation in advance.

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Prague Guide

Here you can find information about the city of Prague, tips for restaurants, trips out of the city, weather and more...

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The following information may help you better understand the public transport in Prague and find suitable way to the festival centre or other festival venues.

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