The following information may help you better understand the public transport in Prague and find suitable way to the festival centre or other festival venues.

Festival Centre

The address of the festival centre in French Institute Prague is as follows:

110 00, Praha 1

How to get to the Festival Centre

Ruzyně International Airport (PRG) is located 20km northwest of the city centre.

The cheapest way to get to the city is by bus. Buy a ticket from the kiosk in the arrivals hall or the vending machine, next to the bus stop. You can also buy the ticket from the driver, but it is more expensive. No machines or drivers accept foreign currencies. Remember to validate your ticket as soon as you get on the bus by sticking it into a yellow validation machine.

Take bus 119 to its terminus (Dejvická) and go downstairs to the metro, line A, your ticket will continue to be valid. Take the metro to the station Muzeum which is the nearest one to the Festival centre. Walk down Wenceslas Square on its left side and take the second turn to Štěpánská street. The French Institute is located on your right-hand side after 200 metres.

Alternatively, take a cab which will cost around 500 to 700 CZK. The Taxi company AAA has an exclusive contract with Prague airport to have a fleet of taxis waiting.

From the Central Railway Station

All international trains arrive at Praha hlavní nádraží (the central station, abbreviated to Praha hl. n.) which has connections with Metro Line C accessible from the station’s main hall.

However, to get to the Festival centre, ta short walk is the easiest option. Enter the park (Vrchlického sady) from the main hall, turn leftt and walk down Washingtonova street until you reach the building of National Museum up on Wenceslas Square. Walk down Wenceslas Square on its left side and take the second turn to Štěpánská street. The French Institute is located on your right-hand side.

From the Central Bus Station

The main bus station for international buses in Prague is Florenc which has connections with Metro Line B and C, accessible right in front of the station‘s new terminal. In order to get to the Festival centre, take a metro Line C and continue to the metro station Muzeum. From here, use the same instructions as in above article.

Public transport stops near the Festival venues

French Institute Prague (Festival Center) / Kino 35

Můstek - Metro A line

Muzeum - Metro A line

Václavské náměstí - Tram 3, 9, 14, 24

Kino Světozor

Můstek - Metro A line

Václavské náměstí - Tram 14, 24, 3, 9

Bio Oko

Vltavská - Metro C line

Strossmayerovo náměstí - Tram 1, 8, 12, 17, 24, 25, 26

Kamenická - Tram 1, 8, 12, 25, 26

Public Transport

Prague Integrated Transport (PIT) includes metro, trams, railway, city and suburban buses, funicular and ferries. The Metro & Tram Plan is available for download further below on this page.

Metro (underground / subway)

The Prague Metro network consists of 3 lines designated by letters and differentiated in colour:

  • Line A / Green (Depo Hostivar station - Dejvicka station)
  • Line B / Yellow (Cerny most station - Zlicin station)
  • Line C / Red (Letnany station - Haje station)

The interchange stations are Muzeum (lines A and C), Mustek (lines A and B) and Florenc (lines B and C).

Metro operates daily from 5 a.m. to 12 p.m., on Friday and Saturday to 1 a.m. The time interval between train departures is approximately 2-3 minutes during the workday rush hours and 4-10 minutes during off-peak hours.


Daytime operation is from 4:30 a.m. to midnight. Night operation is from midnight to 4:30 a.m. and is provided by tram numbers 51 to 59 in 30 minutes intervals. The central interchange station for night lines is Lazarska stop. Tram schedules are located at individual stops.


The daytime and night operation of buses is similar to tram operation. Night service is provided by bus numbers 501 to 513 and 601 to 607. Bus schedules are located at individual stops.


Travelling by city transport is possible only with a valid ticket. Passengers have to purchase their tickets before boarding the vehicle or entering the Metro system. The ticket is valid only if marked in the validation machine.

Single tickets can be bought in the ticket vending machines located at Metro stations or near some stops of surface transport. A manual on how to use the vending machine is available for download below on this page. Tickets can also be purchased at the box offices of selected Metro stations or in Public Transport information centres, hotels, at newsstands, travel agencies, department stores, etc.

An SMS ticket (CZK 32) can be bought by typing DPT as a text of an SMS (Short Text Message) to the number 902 06 and within 2 minutes you will get an electronic ticket to your mobile phone in the form of SMS. An SMS ticket can only be purchased using a SIM card belonging to Czech operators.

  • CZK 32 (16), valid for the metro, trams, buses and the Petrin funicular for 75 minutes after marking
  • CZK 24 (12), valid for 20 minutes in trams and buses (without transfers) and 30 minutes or 5 stations in the metro (allowing transfers), not valid on night trams/buses and Petrin funicular
  • CZK 110 (55), valid for 24 hours
  • CZK 310, valid for 72 hours (3 days)
  • CZK 16, excessive luggage

Prices in brackets apply for children 10 to 15 years old and seniors not older than 70 years. Children up to 10 years old and seniors older than 70 years can use the public transport free of charge.

Basic surcharge for passenger transport without a valid transit document is CZK 950, which is reduced to CZK 700 if paid at the point of inspection or no later than the 15th calendar day in the transport company’s supplementary fare office. In case of unpaid freight the penalty is CZK 200, resp. CZK 100. To prove their identity, inspectors produce yellow-and-red badges. They issue receipts for the penalty amounts.

Tickets and festival passes

Ticket prices range between 50 CZK and 100 CZK and will be on sale at all festival places along with the Festival passes for 350 CZK and 500 CZK. You may find the festival center in French Institute, Stepanska 35, Praha 2.

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