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Here you can find information about the city of Prague, tips for restaurants, trips out of the city, weather and more...

Prague is the capital and largest city of the Czech Republic situated on the Vltava River in central Bohemia and is widely considered one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The historic town centre with a unique panorama of Prague Castle, the largest castle complex in the world, is a UNESCO heritage.

At the present time the city is home to about 1.3 million people, over 1.9 million in its metropolitan area. Clasiffied as a global city, Prague is also the 7th most visited city in Europe.

See a map of Prague and find out more tourist information.


Even though the most beautiful places in Prague are in walking distance, it might happen to you that you will be in need of a public transport or a taxi. Check out some tips on Taking a taxi in Prague, which may save you some crowns. You can see the price list of passes for the public transport here.


Our tips for restaurants nearby the Festival Center at French Institute Prague:

If you did not choose, here are some other tips for nice restaurants not only in Prague 1, including selection of international cousine.


The climate in Prague is mild, warmer than other places in the same latitude. The average temperature throughout the summer is 23.5 °C in the day and 13 °C at night. View the current weather forecast for Prague.


The official currency is the Czech Crown (koruna), abbreviated as Kč / CZK. Check the current exchange rate. The best place to exchange money without commission is at Exchange to be found a few minutes walk from the Old Town Square.The nearest ATM cash machines are to be found in Vodičkova street.


The only official language in the Czech Republic is Czech, which is spoken by 96 % of the population. However, have no fear, as especially in Prague you can make yourself understood in English relatively easily. You can download a list of basic Czech phrases below on this page.

Important telephone numbers

Emergency – 11 2

Ambulance – 155

Fire Emergency – 150

State Police – 158

Municipal Police – 156

Prague booklet & Day trips from Prague

Available for download below.


Tickets and festival passes

Ticket prices range between 50 CZK and 100 CZK and will be on sale at all festival places along with the Festival passes for 350 CZK and 500 CZK. You may find the festival center in French Institute, Stepanska 35, Praha 2.

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The Allianz Audience Award

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We recommend some interesting accomodation for you near the Festival's venues. As the festival is held at the tourist peak season, please book your preffered accomodation in advance.

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The following information may help you better understand the public transport in Prague and find suitable way to the festival centre or other festival venues.

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