Fresh Film Fest 2009

The 6th annual of Fresh Film Fest International Film Festival took place in Karlovy Vary from 12th to 16th August 2009. Fresh Generation Award for the Best First or Second Feature film was given to film Truffle by Canadian director Kim Nguyen. Swedish director Gabriela Pilcher was awarded in Main Student Competition for her short film Skrapsår (Scratches), which was made at Gothenburg Film School. To Finland goes the prize for the film Kuolema keltaisessa talossa (Death in the Yellow House) by Anna Virtenen, which was considered the best in the Theatre Optique Competition focused on animation and new media. And finally the Centropa Award, orientated on the films from Central Europe, went to Polish director Tomasz Jurkiewicz for his piece Babcia Wyjezdza (Grandma Has Gone).

Catalogue for 6th Fresh Film Fest

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Awarded films at 6th Fresh Film Fest:

Main Competition

Scratches / Skrapsår
Director: Gabriela Pichler
Sweden, 2008

Special Jury Prize

Introduction to General Linguistics / Bevezetés az általános nyelvészetbe
Director: Péter Szeiler
Hungary, 2008

Fresh Generation

Director: Kim Nguyen
Canada, 2008

Theatre Optique

Death in the Yellow House / Kuolema keltaisessa talossa
Director: Anna Virtanen
Finland, 2008

Special Jury Prize

Yellow Belly End
Director: Philip Bacon
Great Britain, 2009


Czech Television Prize

Grandma Has Gone / Babcia wyjezdza
Director: Tomasz Jurkiewicz
Poland, 2009


Kontakt Prize:

Hooper–Dooper / Vesnická zábava
Director: Andy Fehu
Czech Republic, 2008

Audience Award

Director: Evelien Lohbeck
Netherlands, 2008


Fresh Generation:

Marcel When, Germany
Csaba Bollók, Hungary
Petr Fischer, Czech Republic

Main Student Competition:

Klaus Fuxjäger, Austria
Larry Sider, Great Britain
Jiří Ornest, Czech Republic
Matthias Luthardt, Germany
Martin Kollár, Slovakia

Theatre Optique:

Alexei Alexeiev, Russia
Vladimír Kokolia, Czech Repubic
Sjón (Sigurdsson), Iceland


Simone Massi, Italy
Kristián Suda, Czech Republic
Dragica Petrović, Slovenia

Festival trailer