Cinergy: Corneliu Porumboiu

A Masterclass with director Corneliu Porumboiu (*1975), a leading person of the very contemporary Romanian New Wave.

Corneliu Porumboiu (b. 1975, Vaslui, Romania) studied at the National University of Theater and Film in Bucharest (2003). His shorts Gone with the Wine (Pe aripile vinului, 2002) and A Trip to the City (Calatorie la oras, 2003), and the medium-length Liviu’s Dream (Visul lui Liviu, 2003) – which discusses the abortion ban under Ceauşescu as a backdrop to the story of a young man, his aspirations and the notion of truth – brought him several international prizes, including a Cinéfondation Award at Cannes in 2004. 12:08 East of Bucharest (A fost sau n-afost?, 2006), his feature film debut which won the Caméra d’Or at Cannes, was screened in KVIFF’s East of the West competition in 2006. He triumphed again at Cannes with two subsequent films, Police, Adjective (Poliţist, adjektiv, 2009 – Un Certain Regard Jury Prize) and The Treasure(2015 – A Certain Talent Prize, Un Certain Regard).

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Cinergy Prague is an educational platform for the development of the talents and knowledge of young filmmakers and film professionals through a series of discussion panels and lectures on topics related to filmmaking or the work of a foreign guest.

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Cinergy with Lone Scherfig

Another Cinergy’s guest is the Danish director Lone Scherfig, author of the hit-comedy Italian for Beginners, the Academy Award nominated feature film An Education, and the romantic drama One Day.

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Cinergy with Juho Kuosmanen

Young Finnish director Juho Kuosmanen is coming to Prague to present his feature debut The happiest day of my life Olli Maki which was awarded as the best film of Un Certain Regard section at Cannes in 2016. On Wednesday, March 15 from 18:30 the director will personally present to preview screening with a following debate at Kino Pilotu.

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Cinergy with Franz Rodenkirchen

The intention of Franz Rodenkirchen is to help define the right kind of focus when approaching scriptwriting: looking at it from the inside, considering mainly artistic and narrative intents rather than a set of external factors (fixed rules to define good vs bad scripts, commercial pressures, taste of the audience, box-office-success).

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Cinergy with Tomasz Wasilewski

The writer-director Tomasz Wasilewski is one of the most outstanding young Polish filmmaker of his generation. In the end of November he is coming back to Czech Republic within the project Cinergy.

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Cinergy with young German speaking filmmakers

During DAS FILMFEST 2016 the project Cinergy will present the debate about how to get from film school to festival circuit (only in English) with young filmmakers from Germany and Austria - Carl Gerber ("24 Wochen"), Daniel Hoesl ("WINWIN") and Aron Lehmann ("Kohlhaas").

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