Martha Issová


Martha Issová (1981, Czech Republic)

She decided to become an actress when she was four years old. She entered the world of film with the help of the director Vladimir Drha, with whom she shot to feature films The Conception of My Younger Brother (2000) and The Beginning of World (2000). She cooperated with Karel Kachyna on his films Hannele (1999) and Syn pluku (The Son of the Regiment, 2001). She played successfully in the TV series Dobrá čtvrť (“Good Address”, 2005) and Hop nebo trop (“All or nothing”, 2005). Her role in Alice Nelis’s film Secrets brought her nomination for the Czech Lion award in the category of The best female role in the side role. She worked with the same director on her film Mamas&Papas and won the Crystal Globe prize in Karlovy Vary for her role of Ofka in Michaela Pavlatova’s film Children of the Night. She is also a theater actress, her home stage is Dejvicke divadlo in Prague, Dejvice.